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Mink expansion plans withdrawn

After an environmental review process that dragged on for months a proposal to expand the Northern Arm Mink Farm has been withdrawn.

The proponent, Eagle Ridge Farm Limited, had proposed to expand its mink farm operation off Route 350, to the north of Northern Arm, between Botwood and Point Leamington from 300 to 3,000 breeders.

The mink farm currently covers a 2.4 hectare area with expansion plans to increase to 13.3 hectares to meet future production. Construction had been proposed to begin in July 2015 and last to 2018 in a staged approach to meet expanding farm requirements, according to a description of the project from release issued by the Environment and Conservation Department in April.

The undertaking was registered April 15 and the minister’s decision was due May 30, 2015 according to the initial press release. The proposal was still under review by the minister as recently as September, however.

On Monday, Minister Dan Crummel announced the proposal was withdrawn.

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