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Austin Reid of Fogo Island has been fishing for 38 years and has always been interested in the hand-line method of catching codfish.

When Anthony Cobb introduced the Fogo Island Fish project, Reid jumped at the opportunity to participate.

“It takes a little more time because you have to haul the fish one by one, but the quality is much better than fish caught in gill nets,” he said.

Reid and the other fishermen involved in the project receive a better price for their cod because it’s hand lined.

“We double our money and that’s good for everyone,” Reid said.

When fishing, he uses insulated containers filled with ice to hold the codfish because the ice lasts longer than in regular containers.

“The key is to catch in smaller amounts,” he said. “We only spend three to four hours on the ground before returning to the wharf with the catch.”

Reid is looking forward to continuing with the project and continuing his way of life as a cod fisherman.

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