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Piggybacking the mining industry, business is booming in Baie Verte

Lloyd Hayden is returning as president of the Baie Verte and Area Chamber of Commerce.
Lloyd Hayden is returning as president of the Baie Verte and Area Chamber of Commerce. - Coretta Stacey photo

Sustainability is key: chamber president

BAIE VERTE, N.L. — Business in the Baie Verte area is riding a mining boom and the key, according to its chamber president, is seizing that opportunity and creating long-term sustainability.

Lloyd Hayden, who after the recent Baie Verte and Area Chamber of Commerce annual general meeting has resumed presidential duties, says the region is an upbeat and positive place to be right now.

While the mining industry — on the strength of Anaconda Mining and Rambler Metals and Mining as well as Guy J. Bailey Ltd. — is leading the way in terms of economic activity, there is business growth and activity around it. Hayden noted the ongoing construction of a retirement centre in Baie Verte, the commitment from the Robins Donuts franchise to open in the town, and more than a million dollars annual increase in sales at the Co-Op grocery store as all positive signs.

“I think we have to support the existing businesses here and we have to look at other avenues,” Hayden told The Nor’wester. “We have to be sustainable, and we have to look at being sustainable without mining.

“Down the road 15 years, it can’t be like when the asbestos mine went down and we were left struggling. If we can do enough here in support with the municipalities, and existing businesses and new businesses coming to town, I think we could look at some manufacturing and agriculture could be a big thing on this peninsula.”

He also said the fishery remains a staple industry for the region — with some 55-60 fishing enterprises on the peninsula. He said the tourism product is strong, but believes it must be better marketed to let more people know about it.

Hayden also noted there are young couples and families moving to the area for employment. He said the education system is becoming comprised of many young professionals, and he said even the council in Baie Verte is an example of how young people are beginning to lead the region.

The chamber itself is considering a rebranding, including a website upgrade. The chamber has a new development coordinator and relocated to the Baie Verte Peninsula Economic Development Association location — the “A” frame building — to become more of a presence in the community. There is a need for a strategic plan.

“2018 is going to be an exciting year, as we have already attested,” Hayden said in his speech during the annual general meeting. “With the Mining Innovation Symposium having taken place, the thriving regions workshops ongoing, mining conference, rebranding, municipal workshop, our strategic plan, Spree by the Sea participation, Small Business Week, and Shop Local campaign; we will be busy.”

  • Baie Verte and Area Chamber of Commerce
  • President: Lloyd Hayden
  • Vice-president: Jennifer Whelan
  • Secretary: Juanita Kennedy
  • Directors:
  • Sherry Brake
  • Darrin Kitchen
  • Winston May
  • Debbie Sacrey
  • Debbie Noble (new)
  • Eddie Wimbleton (new)
  • Natasha Rideout (new)

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