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Bonavista student builds Minecraft model of Matthew Elementary

BONAVISTA, NL – It's not often that you get to do your homework on your Xbox.  

Caleb and his creation.

When Caleb Tremblett heard that his school would be submitting a video for Samsung's Solve for Tomorrow contest, however, that's exactly what he decided to do.

Caleb built a scale model of his school, Matthew Elementary, on the popular video game Minecraft, an open-concept game that allows players to build structures out of 3D cubes.

"My dad went over to get pictures of the school, and I just looked at the pictures and copied them," Caleb explained.

Caleb, who fittingly enough just finished Grade 6 at Matthew Elementary and will be going to Discovery Collegiate in September, says that the project took about six hours, spread over two days.

For Caleb, who has built entire towns in Minecraft, recreating Matthew Elementary wasn't too much of a challenge, though it was his first recreating of a real life building.

The detailed model includes additions that students would like to see added to the school including a football field, a soccer field, play area, a playground and a tree house.

"When he had the finished product, we were completely blown away," said Schonna Tremblett, Caleb's mother.

"Once Caleb sets his mind to do something, he puts his whole heart into whatever he does, and the end result is usually very interesting." 

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