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Gander council sworn in

Past Gander mayor Claude Elliott, right, congratulates Mayor Percy Farwell on his recent election to council.
Past Gander mayor Claude Elliott, right, congratulates Mayor Percy Farwell on his recent election to council.

GANDER, NL – Taking his place behind the council chambers table for the last time, outgoing mayor Claude Elliott called the meeting to order.

In his last official act, Elliott welcomed incoming mayor Percy Farwell and elected councillors – Tara Pollett, Gina Brown, Robert Anstey, Oswald Fudge, Pat Woodford and Brian Dove – to council.

Percy Farwell to be Gander’s new mayor

Gander elects a new mayor and council

Elliott, who spent 27 years on council, was in good spirits, joking that the Sept. 26 municipal election was a ruse and he would not be relinquishing power. But when the time came he removed his livery collar and placed it on the new mayor’s shoulders.  

He wished Farwell luck, and in true Elliott fashion got in one last quip – he wanted to make a municipal complaint as a citizen before taking his seat in the gallery.

His 27 years in municipal politics had come to an end.  

With his exit still fresh, Elliott said afterwards it feels like the start of a vacation.

“I’m going to wake up one morning after those two or three weeks and realize I don’t have to go to work, and say ‘well, what do I do?’” he said. “Coming in every day and dealing with the issues –  I’m going to miss it, but I’m just going to have to fill my time with something else. I’ve got plans so I’ll be fine.”  

Gander’s newest council, from the back, left: Brian Dove, Pat Woodford, Oswald Fudge, Robert Anstey. Front: Deputy Mayor Tara Pollett, Mayor Percy Farwell and Gina Brown.

With the councillors sworn in, Farwell resumed the council meeting.

The only item on the agenda was to adopt a new deputy mayor, which went to Tara Pollett, who received the popular vote with 2,034 votes.  

Farwell passed along his praise to Elliott for his dedication to council over the decades and is looking forward to meeting with each councillor in the coming days to talk about moving the town forward over the next four years.

“I’ll be looking to meeting with each (councillor) individually…so we can get ourselves structurally set up and moving forward the agenda of the community and fulfilling our obligation,” he said.  
“It’s a very solemn obligation we just took to do the best we can for the greater good of this community.”

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