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Grand Falls-Windsor man’s unlikely riding companion

Harvey Day and his companion Sara ride everywhere, on everything, together.
Harvey Day and his companion Sara ride everywhere, on everything, together. - Jordan Maloney

Dog bringing smiles to people’s faces

GRAND FALLS-WINDSOR, N.L. – A dog on a motorcycle isn’t something you see everyday, and Harvey Day is trying to change that.

“It’s the people smiling,” Day said. “When I go to a stoplight and you see people looking and laughing and pointing, the people just love it.”

Day is in his second year of riding his motorcycle with his canine companion. Sara, the presumed three-year-old Border Collie-Labrador Retriever mix, was initially found as a stray along the side of a road, and details about her age and breed are uncertain. Day adopted her from the SPCA two years ago, and he quickly discovered his dog’s patience and mild temperament.

“When I got her she’d get on the back of the quad and on the canoe and sit perfectly,” Day said. “So I said you know what, I’m going to try her on the motorcycle. And she hasn’t moved.”

Day said Sara loves to ride in everything, including canoe, quad, and side-by-side, and even goes to work with him in a tractor-trailer.

“Whatever I’m on, she gets on,” he said. “It’s like she’s part of it.”

Day describes Sara as his best friend, and he sold his quad and purchased a side by side so she could ride with him.

“Because why not,” he said.

When Day first got Sara, his son was afraid to post pictures of her on Facebook out of fear of her being recognized and taken away.

“She has a very distinctive white mark around her jaw,” Day said. “Anybody who knew the dog before, would know where that dog came from. So we were hesitant to show any pictures of her.”

Day said he can’t go for a motorcycle ride without Sara.

“I love to see people smile,” he said.

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