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Green Island Brook and Lower Cove celebrate Come Home Year

GREEN ISLAND BROOK / LOWER COVE, N.L. – Some 600 people registered to return home for the 2018 Green Island Brook / Lower Cove Come Home Year.

The small Great Northern Peninsula community’s population of about 143 quadrupled for the grand homecoming held from Aug. 1-5.

People travelled from across the continent, as far away as British Columbia, Alberta and the state of Washington to return home and meet and catch up with friends and acquaintances, old and new.

The event kicked off on Wednesday with a large parade that showed off Green Island Brook and Lower Cove’s community spirit. Residents, current and former, creatively decorated their ATVs and carried family banners through the streets of the town to celebrate.

Meanwhile, houses were decorated to welcome everybody back home.

Throughout the week, there was lots of time for fun and games and bonding for young and old alike.

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