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Hare Bay man brings back lobster trap tree for second year

HARE BAY, NL – Tucked away in his Hare Bay shed, Bruce Oram was busy framing out lobster pots for another season.

With the fire lit and a steaming cup of coffee resting at his workstation, the unwelcome chill of a mid-December evening was forced to wait outside.

“It might be a bit of mess, but it’s warm,” he said.

And while the 2017 season is long done, the Area 5 fisherman still has this year’s traps in use.

Just to the right of the shed is his lobster trap Christmas tree – stacked seven-tiers high, with 80 to 85 lobster traps and a crab pot to round out the top.

The estimated 12-foot high tree can be seen across the cove and is decorated with Christmas lights, trap floats, bulbs, bows and wreaths.

This was Oram’s second year for the tree.

“My daughter was the driver behind doing this,” he said, stating she showed him other areas that have gotten creative with lobster traps.

“I have two grandchildren – six and nine – and they helped me out with it, so it’s a nice way to spend some quality time together.”

Oram also noted in some areas the lobster trap trees have become a place of remembrance, as family members place items on the trees in remembrance of loved ones lost at sea.

“No one has made that suggestion yet, but I wouldn’t really mind if someone wanted to do that,” he said. “It’s there for the public.”

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