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Storm-bound Burin Peninsula truck driver rewarded by Netflix


Truck driver Matthew Woodland’s overnight stay on the side of the Burin Peninsula Highway during this week’s storm wasn’t a total waste of time.

Woodland, who lives in Fortune, was forced to stay in the cab of his fuel truck near Terrenceville on Monday night after conditions became too bad to travel any further.

Woodland spoke to CBC during the ordeal and told them he had brought along food and downloaded some movies from Netflix before starting his journey.

Apparently, the popular online streaming media and video-on-demand company caught wind of Matthew’s predicament and appreciated his shout out.

Netflix Canada sent out a Tweet asking for help tracking him down.

“You found me,” he eventually Tweeted back.

Then came the offer.

“24 hours in a snowdrift binge watching Netflix – sounds like you deserve a 5 year subscription on us,” the company replied.

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