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Virtual tour of Gander during Second World War now available online

['The other project is a digital recreation of the old site.']
['The other project is a digital recreation of the old site.']

GANDER, NL – A virtual look at Gander’s airport during the Second World War can now be viewed online.

An ongoing project of the Gander Airport Historical Society, two virtual tours simulate a flight and a drive around the airport and air force bases of the time.

Grant Wilson, a flight simulation scenery designer in Ontario, produced the simulations. Each was built with photos, notes and feedback from society president Jack Pinsent.

“We had three or four different videos done to get it to where we wanted it, and we are really pleased with how it turned out,” said Pinsent.

One feature the society’s president emphasized was how the size of the runway is actually portrayed, stating those familiar with the current runway layouts might find the simulation disproportionate.

“The widest runway, where Search and Rescue is, was 1,200 feet wide – now it’s 200,” he said. “Looking at the video, some might think it’s out of perspective but it’s not for back then, it’s how it used to be.

”To offer a first-hand view, the Gander Airport Historical Society has uploaded the simulations to The videos can be accessed by searching “CYQX Security Patrol 720” and “CYQX keep 720”.

When everything is finalized, the tours will become navigational simulations to be placed at the North Atlantic Aviation Museum, next to a table-top model of Gander during the same time period.

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