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Remembrance day ceremonies take place in Gander

GANDER, NL – The howling cold wind swept through the Commonwealth War Graves Commission Cemetery mercilessly as the Remembrance Day ceremony was about to start.  

The gray skies complemented the tombstones of fallen soldiers rather sombrely. 

Representatives from 9 Wing Gander, the 537 Gander Royal Canadians Air Cadet Squadron and the 288 Gander Royal Canadian Sea Cadets, distinguished guests and a small number of residents paid their respects.

Jax Parsons recently started as an air cadet in 537 Gander and it is his first time attending the remembrance day ceremony. 

As he stood by waiting for his dad to pick him up, Parsons said, “remembrance day is a time that we gather as a group and focus on those who died.”

Juanita Boland’s grandfather served in the first world war, and remembrance day is “to give thanks and think of all the veterans who have fought for all the freedom that we have today.  He did not talk much about the war, but the one thing I remember is him having a piece of cannonball embedded in his hand” 

The skies cleared by the end of the ceremony, but the wind persisted, howling, as though to remind us of the brutality of conflict and sacrifices made.

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