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Christy Janes column - It's a dog's life

Spencer, the little black poodle
Spencer, the little black poodle

Just before Christmas we adopted a dog.

I love dogs. I used to have a dog and through some very unfortunate, personal circumstances I felt it was in her best interest to rehome her.

It broke my heart.

Not only did it break my heart, it continued to break my heart every day. I loved my first dog Casey more than you could imagine. You see I waited 30 years for her.

Growing up my parents let me have every pet you could imagine — cats, birds, rabbits, fish, turtles, but never a dog.

So when I got her I was overjoyed.

But when she was gone our home was empty even with three kids, two adults, five goldfish in a 25 gallon tank and a rabbit named Nibbles or as I refer to him, Bun.

Let me explain.

I searched tirelessly for another dog. I nagged, yes I’m not ashamed to say, nagged my partner for a dog.

One day a little, black poodle popped up on the Gander S.P.C.A Facebook page.

I quickly emailed my application and waited, but I was too late. Spencer the little black poodle was gone to another home.

Then about 3 p.m. on a Thursday afternoon the S.P.C.A called. The home didn’t work out and I could meet the owners in Lewisporte to pick up the dog in 20 minutes.

Spencer became part of our family. The little black poodle was scared to be alone. Every time we moved out of his sight he was afraid we were leaving him. So for the next three days wherever I went, he went. The empty space in my heart was filled.

He now has everything he could ever want (I hope so anyways), but Spencer gave me something that I needed too.

You see when I had to rehome my first dog I lost my constant. My constant companion, my listening ear, the one thing that never judged my life, the one who appreciated even the littlest things I did.

My dog eased my anxiety, knew when I was sad, curled up and looked at me as if to say, “It’s okay, I’m here.”

It may seem silly to some people, but to those who have a dog I'm sure you understand where I’m coming from.

Now I have that again with Spencer.

People will say I rescued Spencer, but I think maybe, just maybe Spencer rescued me.


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