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Crosses on the Cape: an Easter Sunday surprise for Bonavista

The crosses on Cape Bonavista on Easter Sunday. Stpehen Tremblett photo.
The crosses on Cape Bonavista on Easter Sunday. Stephen Tremblett photo.

Cast and crew of “The Crown” passion play decides to put props to one more use

BONAVISTA, N.L. — Residents in Bonavista awoke on Easter Sunday morning to a surprise on the Cape.

Standing prominently on the barren landscape were three crosses to mark Easter Sunday, April 1.

The crosses were planned as a bit of a surprise by the cast and crew of “The Crown” a passion play which was performed at The Garrick Theatre this past week.

Paul Babineau helps organize and produce the play and he told The Packet they got the idea once they began taking the props out of the theatre.

“The idea got birthed to put them to use for a couple days before we pack them away for a future production, if there is one,” said Babineau.

He and three others from the play got together Saturday night and erected the crosses.

“(It was) with the hopes of having a nice little Easter morning display set up there,” he said.

The group has performed a passion play at the Bonavista theatre for the past few years now, with a cast of over 25 actors from seven churches of different denominations from areas of the peninsula, like Bonavista, Port Union and Champney’s West. They rehearsed twice a week since January.

The cross bases are heavy and free-standing, made of lumber and plywood. The crosses themselves are made of solid spruce — 6 inches by 6 inches by 10 feet.

Babineau says he knows quite a bit of traffic heads out to Cape Bonavista, and he’s gotten some positive feedback.

“I thought it would be a nice teaching moment because there are a lot of parents that ride out there with children. With what the cross is about, I thought it’d give a nice illustration.”

While the reaction was mainly positive, at one point — after thinking the wind blew one of the crosses down — they found out someone tried to take them down. But some of the cast members put it back up.

Babineau says the play itself went very well again this year — selling out at the Garrick.

“We had a great time. We’re like family together and it’s the highlight of our year just being together that much.”

He adds they’re fortunate to be able to have access to the Garrick because the sound, lighting and space are “top-notch.” They’re able to put off a show they otherwise wouldn’t be able to do within a church.

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