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Discover the pros of pellet stoves

The pellet stove is a space heater that is efficient and easy to use.
The pellet stove is a space heater that is efficient and easy to use. - Contributed

Are you thinking about purchasing a space heater but aren’t sure which kind you should get? Keep reading to discover the many pros of pellet stoves.

Less polluting than traditional wood fireplaces, pellet stoves run by burning dry compressed wood. One of their main advantages is their ease of use. All you have to do is put some pellets in a hopper (a funnel-shaped vessel) and turn on the heater by raising the thermostat. The pellets are then mechanically carried towards a combustion chamber where they’re burned. A fan pushes hot air into the house, while combustion gases are released outside through a vent or other exhaust system.

This method of operation means there’s almost no heat loss. You don’t even have to open the door to feed the fire like you would with a wood-burning fireplace.

An efficient unit

The pellet stove functions with a thermostat, which means it provides constant, regular heat. It can work over extended periods of time — sometimes up to 48 hours — to maintain a consistent temperature without having to add pellets. It stops automatically when the programmed temperature is reached.

Although their flames are only visible at full capacity, pellet stoves still produce the sought-after scent of burning wood.

Keep in mind

Before purchasing a pellet stove, make sure it has the seal of the Canadian Standards Association (CSA Group) or the Underwriters’ Laboratories of Canada (ULC). Ideally, look for a unit certified by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to reduce emissions of particle pollutants.

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