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Inquiring minds: Like a tropical paradise

Jim Hildebrand answers travel questions from J.M. Olds Collegiate students

Jim and Jane Hildebrand are on a four-month vacation to Mauritius and South Africa. Students from the Grade 9 English Class at J.M. Olds Collegiate in Twillingate pose questions to them about their experiences and the locale. Keep looking to the Pilot for future questions from students and travel highlights.

Q. Jacob Bennett: What was your first impression of Mauritius?

A. Jim Hildebrand: I would have to say that my first impression would be how much this island is like one would imagine a tropical paradise. 

There are beautiful palm and other majestic flowering trees. The fields are lush and green with crops of sugar cane. The waters off the white sandy beaches are a spectacular blue turquoise. Most of the island is surrounded by coral reefs providing a natural barrier so the waters are very calm for swimming and snorkeling.  It is like being in an aquarium, just admiring the schools of colourful fish. 

There are also mountains that rise about 800 meters above sea level. I find the island quite exotic with its’ multi-ethnic population and their different food. There are also lots of birds in an array of dazzling colours. It is truly going to be exciting to explore.

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