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Med students prepping for Wilderness Weekend

Medical students from Memorial University are getting ready for their annual Wilderness Weekend at Camp Nor’Wes, near Clarenville, Oct. 16-18.

The first aid training course for 30 second-year medical students also involves the assistance of about two dozen high school students from Clarenville. They volunteer to act as patients in emergency scenarious during the weekend.

Eight family medical residents, who have advance wilderness life support training, also volunteer to help teach each emergency station.

The weekend involved both didactic and hands on teaching followed by timed scenarios in an OSCE style.

The event was spearheaded and continues to be organized by two family medicine residents, Sarah Small and Gordon Stockwell. Support is also provided by the Family Medicine Interest Group.

The event is largely funded by Dr. G.B. Cross Memorial Hospital and the Clarenville Medical Arts Clinic, both with the interest of recruiting medical students to someday work in the area.

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