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Musgrave Harbour family gets creative with summer

MUSGRAVE HARBOUR, NL – A little creativity can go a long way, and one Musgrave Harbour family is making a summer out of it.

Without much variety in children’s activities for the area Elle Prada and her two children – aged seven and nine – are taking on a project per week for the entire summer.

Prada used to work in daycare, and had a number of ideas for activities.

Last month, with just a 10 by 20 foot plastic sheet, parchment paper, Gorilla tape and an iron, the family made a water blob for jumping and playing on.

“Once the blob actually broke we turned it into a slip and slide the following week, and used the tarp for tie-dying last week,” she said. 

Re-using the tarp made for cost-effective fun. The initial cost to build the blob was under $30.

In taking on a project per week with her kids, Parda said it provides great bonding opportunities and allows them to learn new skills.

“It’s a combination of being more independent, learning life skills, influence no screen time, and to actually be an outdoors kid,” she said.

The weekly activities haven’t gone unnoticed by the community. 

Parda says several local children have been stopping by to get in on the fun.

“It’s been going really well, my kids love it, and we have kids coming next week to do additional tie dye,” she said. “Word is getting around we are doing these little activities.”

This week’s family project is indoors, in part because of weather. They will be attempting a fondant cake.

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