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Poetry corner — Christmas Lights

Joseph Emberley of Joe Batt's Arm, Fogo Island sent along a Christmas poem for our poetry corner. If you have a poem you would like to share with the Pilot readers email it to

They come in strings and all kinds of stuff

They can stir up a lot of seasonal fluff

They are really nice on a Christmas tree

No matter where the location may be


Children are excited by Christmas lights

With thoughts of Santa and toy-filled sights

There was also much light from a certain star

As three kings astonishingly travelled so far


This star was a first of Christmas lights

As these wise men visited the divinely chosen site

And the shepherds too were startled beyond

As a chorus of angels sang a new song


The King of Kings had come to earth

To free us from the evils with which we flirt

Born in a stable on a cold, cold night

And from which shines the greatest of lights


Born in a manger filled with hay

He fills our darkness with the brightest of days

Born in poverty and rejected by the world

As it rages on in a euphemistic swirl


The Saviour of the world and creator of all life

Invites us to be free from all negative strife

He knocks and asks, but never imposes

He respects our freedom and completely knows us


His voice the works just cannot hear

For the world is caught up in tension and fear

Because of the absence of his love and grace

Which can make the earth a far better place


Jesus our Saviour can free us from all sin

His Mother Mary inspires us to start again

So the brightest light can shine in our souls

And reach out to others, his glory to behold


— Joseph Emberley

    Joe Batt’s Arm


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