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St-Pierre-Miquelon gets rave review in Vogue magazine

St-Pierre-Miquelon has caught the attention of a magazine known for spotlighting fashion and lifestyle trends.

Vogue has published a glowing article on its website about the Newfoundland neighbour and territorial overseas collectivity of France that is located just off the tip of the Burin Peninsula.

Karen Burshtein visited the region to write the piece, which is  titled “How to spend a weekend in France without leaving North America.”

“St. Pierre and Miquelon is not just otherworldly because of its lunar landscape (the bog, the subarctic meadows, and the craggy coast recall parts of Newfoundland or Iceland), but because it’s also an actual bit of living France on a windswept archipelago in the North Atlantic that so few people know about,” Burshtein writes.

“Visitors have described it as surreal. The whole time you’re there, you might feel like an extra in some French seacoast saga.”

Burshtein offers tips on where to stay, eat and shop and what to do while visiting the nearby French islands.

Read the full article here.

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