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The New Year

Happy New Year!  -3dfoto
Happy New Year! -3dfoto - 123RF Stock Photo

Here it comes and here we go

Like or not we may have snow

Off go the guns as we drink our cheer

And hopefully we don’t drink too much beer


Our voices ring with Auld Lang Syne

With fireworks flying we sing in rhyme

The Christmas lights are still aglow

As the New Year is all set to go


The sun is already changing our condition

As it turns back towards its summer position

The constellations of the stars

Spectacularly glow from light-years afar 


The Christ child is still holding first place

As we contemplate his divine face

Such a wonderful event as his birth

Has never happened before on Earth


He has created everything we see

Including the life of you and me

He gave us this wonderful New Year

And freed us from all sin and fear


A tiny child in a humble town

Oh, that is were Christmas all year round

He has enough love to save the whole world

Including you and me and every boy and girl


The New Year splendidly does shine

As we happily feast and drink our wine

But all elements of everything and of us all

Was created by the babe in the animal stall


This gives us much more to celebrate

As we slowly open the New Year gate

And we hope the best is yet to come

With hearts renewed grace filled and then some


Joseph Emberley

Joe Batts Arm

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