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Unexpected performance

The Dockside Restaurant will be one of six venues for the continuation of the Listening Room series, which first circled the province in 2013.

In partnership with the provincial Arts and Culture Centres (ACC), singer-songwriter Ian Foster will embarking on a six-date tour of alternative venues.

Listening Rooms 2 is a true example of modern show presenting and Ian Foster is taking the idea of the “house concert”, or “unexpected venue” on the road again in Newfoundland to demonstrate the value of music in alternative venues for independent artists, a press release from ACC stated.

The Dockside Restaurant in Botwood (Oct. 17) is one of the unique locations for Listening Rooms 2.

“The Arts and Culture Centre is proud to present the second tour of the Listening Rooms project with Ian Foster in October,” said Erin Barnhardt, programming manager for the ACC.

“We are dedicated to providing access to the performing arts to people in both large and small communities, and are excited to continue our work with local champions of the arts across the province. These intimate concerts provide the ideal conditions for audiences to connect with the music without distraction. We hope that your experience at a Listening Rooms venue leads to curiosity to discover more art on stages of all sizes!”

Ian Foster is a multi-MusicNL and ECMA-nominated artist, and is acclaimed for both his songs and his storytelling abilities onstage. A finalist for the international songwriting competition, he has co-written with the likes of Ron Hynes, and has toured around Canada, the U.S., The Netherlands and Italy. He has regularly played house concerts and alternative venues when on tour, and with such a history of travel and songwriting, he is a great ambassador for this new venture.

Foster is excited about being part of Listening Rooms and notes these kinds of shows can represent the core of what live music is.

“A live show is simply a gathering of people looking for an experience,” he said. “This gathering can happen anywhere, as long as the people involved are passionate about what’s going on. I can’t wait to bring my songs to all kinds of rooms around the island, and have that musical conversation with people willing to come out and have that experience.”

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