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Baie Verte council now complete

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Rex Bowers and Jessica Peckham acclaimed

BAIE VERTE, NL — Voters in Baie Verte will again not go to the polls to elect a member of council.

Two people came forward — Rex Bowers and Jessica Peckham — on nomination day Tuesday for the remaining two council seats. A by-election will not be needed as they have been elected by acclamation.

Council has been operating with just five members to date after only five candidates came forward on the original nomination day Sept. 5 to seek election Sept. 26.

Bowers and Peckham now join Mayor Brandon Philpott and Deputy Mayor Scott Furey as well as Coun. Shawn Russell, Coun. Ryan White and Coun. Christopher Howell to make up the full compliment at the council table.

The next public meeting of council is scheduled for Oct. 27 at 7 p.m.

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