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Brian Warr highlights what’s in store for the district in 2018

Baie Verte-Green Bay MHA Brian Warr.
Baie Verte-Green Bay MHA Brian Warr. - Cory Hurley

SPRINGDALE, NL — Brian Warr is entering the second half of his first tenure as a provincial politician, and he believes his district has a bright future.

As with many districts in the province, Baie Verte-Green Bay will rely on provincial government spending to see improvement in the towns throughout the region.

“I don’t think people expect the province to shut down with respect to infrastructure spending,” Warr said. “We have lots of it to keep up and new things to build.
“I think if we do it and manage it properly, I still think Newfoundland, and my district, has a very bright future.”

During the past year, the Springdale businessman was appointed deputy speaker — a promotion within the provincial cabinet that he says he appreciated very much.

“I love my job, I love helping people,” he said. “It is a big part of who I am.”

It is difficult to think about Baie Verte-Green Bay and not see the significant impact of the mining industry throughout the region. Rambler Metals and Mining and Anaconda Mining are two of the major players, and Warr is excited to see efforts to extend the life of both companies’ mining operations.

Tourism is another sector the region relies upon to sustain its economy. He believes King’s Point is a leader in how to take advantage of that industry.

“The whole community has really latched onto the prospects of tourism in their area, and they have so much to offer,” Warr said.
“I call it a seaside resort. They have close to 100 busloads of tourists come down a year. There are opportunities for local entrepreneurs to gain some extra business here to expand on what they have, and build new ones.”

Municipalities throughout the district are under the leadership of new councils, and in many cases new people are at the helm. Warr appreciates those who came forward to run in the municipal election last fall, and believes many municipal politicians are eager to contribute to the region.

One way to do that is the concept of regionalization, which the provincial government is currently exploring. Warr believes it is an important issue that will provide sustainability throughout his district.

Not all areas of the district are sustainable, however, and he is looking forward to helping Nippers Harbour and Little Bay Islands as they progress through the resettlement processes.

A major priority for the Springdale area is building a new regional hospital. The MHA remains adamant about expecting news soon with respect to continuing the project, which has been put on hold due to the province’s fiscal challenges.

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