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Things are too ducky in Burin

A growing number of ducks continue to pester residents in Burin.
A growing number of ducks continue to pester residents in Burin. - File Photo

Waterfowl population causing trouble in town

BURIN, NL — The Town of Burin is looking into options to help deal with the increasing numbers of ducks in the area.

“It seems like over the last two months, that’s the topic of conversation (whether) its church or to a party…” Mayor Kevin Lundrigan said during a council meeting on April 17.

Lundrigan said he sympathizes with anyone in the town who is having an issue with the ducks.

“The last one that came to me was a couple of days ago from Bull’s Cove. Cars are pulling away from the ducks to avoid them and (people) are afraid (the cars) are going to come in, will come into their houses.”

Lundrigan said one day during a walk around Burin in one area he counted over one hundred ducks.

“If this was a rodent problem we had we’d deal with it as we’re dealing with the rodent problems now, they are making such a mess everywhere. If they keep it up Heritage Grounds won’t be fit to go on, and we already seen that last summer.”

Last summer council had concerns about the amount of duck feces on the heritage grounds adding the droppings both can carry diseases and are attracting rodents.

While ducks are not causing a nuisance to all home owners in the town, in other areas they are coming onto people’s property, “up on Parson’s Point apparently, go up and knock on the door,” said Lundrigan.

A motion was made to contact the appropriate government department, “ask for guidance, ask for direction,” said Lundrigan.

Coun. Everett Farwell suggested that when they find out the department responsible, that they request a representative come to the town, “where we can ask them some questions and (get) some suggestions…”

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