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Change in garbage collection for 34 residences

Advertiser file photo
Advertiser file photo

Regulations changed to accommodate 12 narrow streets where safety was a concern

GRAND FALLS-WINDSOR, NL – For the last eight years, Glen George has been asking the town to find a better way to collect garbage on Premier Place, the narrow street where he lives.  
He finally has his wish.  
Effective Jan. 15, a pick-up truck will collect garbage and bring it to the larger truck at the main road on Mondays. 

Up until recently, George and residents in 33 other homes on narrow streets in Grand Falls-Windsor brought their garbage to the nearest intersection with a main thoroughfare to be collected.  
Coun. Mike Browne explained this practice was for safety. If garbage trucks were to go up these narrow streets, they would not have enough room to turn around at the end.  

“I’ve had one hell of a battle with [council],” said George. “I’ve even had [Al] Hawkins here when he was the mayor – he agreed with me 100 per cent that it should have been done, and never ever got it done.” 

Until recently, there was no plan in place to change the garbage collection operations for these narrow streets.  

George brought his concerns to Coun. Rod Bennett, who brought the issue to council. The change passed unanimously at the last council meeting. 

“Council agreed there was no good reason why those people had to carry their garbage to the main streets,” said Browne. “Not only is it more reasonable for the residents that live on these streets, it will be safer for our fellas to collect it in the pick-up truck.”  

New garbage collection schedule 
Effective Jan. 15, a pickup truck will collect curbside garbage on the following streets in Grand Falls-Windsor on Mondays:   
Premier Place 
Chaulk Place 
Weston Place 
Beothuk Crescent 
Hillside Drive 
Woodfern Place 
Wheeler’s Avenue Extension 
Mulrooney Avenue 
Tenth Avenue 
Glendale Avenue 
Melrose Drive 
Fern Place 
Fairview Heights 
Churchill Place 
Eleventh Avenue 
Chestnut Place 
Lyall Street 
King’s Place 
Summit Road 
John’s Place 


This story was updated on Jan. 15th to say council voted unanimously for the chage, The Advertiser had previously reported the vote was 5-2. 

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