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Highlights from the latest Lewisporte council meeting

Lewisporte council convened at town hall April 24.
Lewisporte council convened at town hall April 24. - Stock Image

Comfort Cove joins regional fire department

The more the merrier

The soon-to-be regional fire department is gaining another member.

Coun. Ken Tucker said at the latest regular meeting of Lewisporte town council April 24 that Comfort Cove would be joining the service.

The community will unite with Lewisporte, Embree, Little Burnt Bay, Campbellton, Loon Bay, and Brown’s Arm for the department.

“We had a very positive meeting,” Tucker said of the latest convening of officials related to the matter.

No time to waste

Lewisporte is close to meeting the latest federal wastewater regulations.

Coun. Stephen Hollett motioned to accept tender from BioMAXX to supply flow meters to four of the town’s outfalls. This would allow the municipality to operate within the federal guidelines regarding wastewater and meet the 2020 deadline.

The motion carried, and the work will cost about $69,000.

Best for business

The Town of Lewisporte has its local business’ interests in mind.

The public works committee recommended the town halt the loaning of sewer snakes to residents.

Hollett noted the loaning of such equipment puts the town in direct competition with businesses that pay tax in the town.

Hollett’s motion on behalf of the committee, that the Town of Lewisporte no longer loan out the tool in question, was carried.

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