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Humber Arm South council will be keeping an eye on activities at Benoit's Cove skateboard park

The skateboard park in Benoit's Cove has reopened.
The skateboard park in Benoit's Cove has reopened. - Dave Kearsey

Glenn Savard is hopeful closing the skateboard park in Benoit’s Cove has created an awareness that foul language and bad behaviour won’t be tolerated among users.

Savard is the mayor of Humber Arm South. Benoit’s Cove is one of south shore Bay of Islands communities that make up the town.

The council decided to close the park on Hillview Road for the weekend following a meeting last Tuesday.

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Savard said the intent was to bring awareness to the town and the kids who use the park that it was serious in taking a stand.

The park is part of a larger complex that includes a playground and splash pad.

Savard said the town has been getting a lot of complaints about language and other bad behaviour at the skateboard park.

Council met to discuss the issue on Friday and has decided to take an active role in monitoring the situation.

“We’re going to be up watching,” said Savard on Monday, shortly after the town posted on its Facebook page that the park would be reopened.

The town is also looking at installing security cameras in the area.

“It’s a very nice facility we’ve got there,” said Savard and added the council doesn’t want to see it damaged.

“There’s a lot of good kids there that’s really enjoying it. We feel very bad for those individuals, just for a few.”

Savard cautioned that if the negative behaviours and complaints continue, the town will close the park for longer the next time.

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