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Clarenville RCMP warn of new online scam

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Police say beware of employment offers over Internet that involve money transfers

Clarenville RCMP are warning the public of a scam where a person accepts employment from a company through the internet.

According to the RCMP, the company requests banking information to allow them to deposit money, via an email money transfer, into the employee’s account. The employee is then directed to keep a portion of this deposit as payment and then transfer the remaining money to another person or account.  This is typically done using a money transfer service.
Clarenville RCMP are urging the public to be wary of accepting email money transfers from anyone or any company they are not personally able to confirm is legitimate.

If the company is asking you to perform a task that they could easily do themselves, such as electronically transferring money, the likelihood this is illegal activity is very high.
Anyone who has been a victim of one of these scams is asked to contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at 1-888-495-8501 or via

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