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EVAS Air to start Fogo Island air charter service

Without the Fogo Island Co-operative Society the long liners of Fogo Island might have been a thing of the past. Photo courtesy of Paddy Barry
Fogo Island

GANDER, NL – Gander-based Exploits Valley Air Service (EVAS Air) is starting a scheduled air charter service to and from Fogo Island. 

EVAS Air president Patrick White said the service will start in the near future and its frequency will depend on demand. 

“We anticipate there will be a big demand for the service, which will use a newly refurbished Twin Otter that seats 16-18 passengers,” he said. 

“Once passengers arrive in Gander, they will be provided a hop on, hop off shuttle service to the main terminal building for connecting flights, to the James Paton Memorial Hospital, government service centres, and shopping areas.”  

EVAS Air will also make the aircraft available for medical transfer services and private charters on request. 

“This new air charter service opens up many new opportunities for residents in the region, both personal and business,” White said. 

Additional details on the services will be released in the future.   

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