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The following is a synopsis version of the May 2 meeting of Gander town council.

Lifesaving response

The quick response and following action that resulted in the life of a heart attack victim being saved has seen a bouquet thrown municipal enforcement’s and Gander fire rescue’s way.

While no date was provided, councillor Pat Woodford said two officers and a firefighter provided CPR to a dump truck driver who experienced a heart attack on Carr Crescent.

Temporary fire chief

Interviews for a temporary fire chief have now concluded and an update will be provided as soon as further information is available.

Golden crosswalk

In addressing a request for a crosswalk at Golden Years Estates, on Magee Road, the engineering department is recommending four crossing signs be installed with lines painted on the road at a cost of $1,500.

Public Safety discussed the design, visibility and paint currently being used to outline town crosswalks.

Public Works has also reviewed these issues, and suggested, instead of straight lines marking the crosswalk, the addition of mid-blocked lines would increase visibility.

The additional cost for paint has not yet been determined, but it was recommended employees begin implementing the painting scheme when the spring paint program gets underway, if the budget allows.

Eastgate development

Engineering has reviewed a development application from Cecon Development Cooperation requesting approval for the construction of Phase 6 in the Eastgate subdivision.

This will connect the subdivision to Bannock Street, providing 40 new residential building lots.

No parking signs

Municipal enforcement has been reviewing no parking signs throughout the town to determine if maintenance is needed. It was stated, the Town of Gander is growing and this type of review is necessary to keep enforcement measures up-to-date. Enforcement will work in conjunction with engineering to complete the list.

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