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Gander schools implement safety measures in response to rumor

With over 60 years of history behind its name, a proposal to rename St. Paul’s Intermediate has been put forward to prevent confusion within the school district, and in response to students who want a name that is consistent with other schools in Gander.
St. Paul’s Intermediate - Clarence Ngoh

Normal operations resumed at St. Paul’s Intermediate and Gander Collegiate

The Newfoundland and Labrador English School District (NLESD) isn’t speaking to the nature of the rumor that caused Gander schools to implement safety measures the morning of June 7.

However, the school district confirmed St. Paul's Intermediate engaged the RCMP to investigate a rumour, which has since been deemed unfounded. Staff Sargent Roger Flynn stated the RCMP conducted on-site interviews with a number of students and teachers, but could not establish any foundation for a credible threat to the school.

The school district was adamant in stating the action taken wasn’t a lockdown, as the protocol is only implemented when an armed intruder is in the building, which was not the case June 7.

“Gander Collegiate, which is in the same area as St. Paul’s Intermediate, did go into secure school mode briefly and took that actionr themselves as a precaution to restrict student movement,” according to a statement from the NLESD.

Both schools have resumed normal operations and the parent community has been updated.

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