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Gander sticking with aviator street-naming policy

Town of Gander
Town of Gander - Submitted

Will look at town-owned assets to honour prominent citizens

GANDER, NL – When it comes to naming streets, council will be sticking to tradition.

The street-naming policy, aside from a few exceptions, dictates that streets be named after aviators. Back in November, Councillor Rob Anstey suggested it may be time to reconsider this policy.

At the time, Anstey felt the honour of a street name would be better suited for a prominent citizen rather than an aviator with no connection to Gander.

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At Wednesday’s council meeting, the town turned down a request to name a street after a Gander citizen, who was not identified.
After receiving the submission, which fell outside of the naming policy, the request was forwarded to the Gander Heritage Advisory Committee.

The town sought input about whether changes should be made to include names outside of the aviators-only policy.

Councillor Gina Brown, chair of the economic development, tourism and culture committee, stated the heritage committee did not recommend amending the policy to accommodate non-aviators.

She said the development, tourism and culture committee didn’t agreement with an amendment either, as “the policy was unique and a significant reflection of the town’s heritage.”

She did bring forward a possible solution though, stating there was an opportunity to honour the individual via the naming of buildings policy.

Furthermore, the town is looking to change this to the “community legacy naming policy,” as the name would better reflect its intent.
This policy would allow town-owned assets to be named in recognition of prominent community citizens. This could include buildings, trails or parks.

Councillor Pat Woodford ask about the number of town-owned assets that aren’t already named.

Brown stated it is unknown at this point.

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