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Gander wants to make trees mandatory on new residential properties

Town of Gander
Town of Gander

Town looking for tree species that won’t interfere with water lines

GANDER, NL – A regulation mandating new residential and renovated properties to have a minimum of one tree on the lot is being prepared for its first reading.

Discussions have been taking place between the town’s civic enhancement committee and engineering.

The committee has recommended changing the Town of Gander’s residential landscaping regulations to include the requirement.

Engineering is in favour of the recommendation and requested the department work with town staff and the committee to find a suitable tree species for residents to plant on new properties.

One concept being explored to ensure compliance is for permit holders to pay a deposit when a building permit is issued. The deposit would be refunded once an inspection confirms a tree has been planted.

Councillor Rob Anstey said the regulation change is part of an ongoing process to try to get residents to place trees on their properties.
He noted residential land being developed in Gander often sees sections of the town being clear-cut.

“We are trying to make sure that as trees are being taken down, we actually get some back,” he said.

Anstey recognized there are species of trees that interfere with water and sewer lines, which could potentially cause problems for property owners in the future.

But the town will be looking for trees that “aren’t going to go right for the water lines,” he said. “We would like to get the best tree…so we won’t be tearing up pipes down the road.”

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