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Glovertown budget not completed, working towards Jan. 31

2018 deadline extension gives council time to wrap up process

GLOVERTOWN, NL – Glovertown’s budget hasn’t been completed yet, but a change to the provincial deadlines will see it submitted in time, says Mayor Doug Churchill.

Typically, municipal budget deadlines are set for Dec. 31, and time needed beyond this date requires an extension request approval from the minister of Municipal Affairs.

However, there was a change to 2018 budget deadlines.

According to the Department of Municipal Affairs, legislation allowed for a later budget submission because it was a municipal election year.
The provision allows municipal budgets to be adopted by Jan. 1, 2018 and then submitted to the department by Jan. 31.

Churchill said Jan. 11 the Town of Glovertown usually has its budget completed by this time, but with a new council in place and other town-related items to be addressed, “it interfered with the process a little bit.”

“It will be another couple of weeks before it’s finished,” he added.

Having looked at the work completed to date, Churchill said the budget shouldn’t be too worrisome for the town’s taxpayers.

“The initial assessment is we’ll be able to hold the line as far as taxes are concerned,” he said. “But we won’t know for sure until the budget is finalized.”

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