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Grenfell Campus hosting talk on malaria and the First World War

Grenfell Campus
Grenfell Campus - Contributed

 An upcoming talk at Grenfell Campus in Corner Brook is going to explore the effects of malaria after the First World War.

Dr. Justin Fantauzzo, who is an assistant professor of history at Memorial University in St. John's, will look at how ex-servicemen from the First World War contracted malaria during combat and continued to suffer after it had ended.

The number of those who contracted the disease reached almost 400,000, while most of the men saw duty in the Middle East and southeastern Europe, as well as in Africa. 
During the war, disease was the leading cause of casualites, ahead of artillery shrapnel or bullets.

When these men returned home, they looked for support by way of war disability pensions as a form of compensation for what combat had done to them. That did not happen and they failed to received the proper medical care, which made becoming a part of society difficult

The seesion is scheduled to take place on Oct. 15 at 7:30 p.m. in the Arts and Science Building in room AS2016.

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