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Kiwanis Music Festival could be in jeopardy if this year’s auction is unsuccessful

GRAND FALLS-WINDSOR, NL – The Kiwanis Club of Grand Falls-Windsor is facing some financial difficulties that could affect the future of the Kiwanis Music Festival.  

This year marks the 52nd year for the club’s annual auction – its biggest fundraiser. In recent years the club removed the option for donors to phone in their bids, and did not televise the event live on Rogers TV, which had been the format for years.  
Club president Lawrence Ducey said these changes had a negative impact on the amount the auction raised. 

The auction switched to online as opposed to live broadcast in hopes it would become more accessible to everyone, specifically people who do not have Rogers TV.  

After running the auction online only for a number of years, bids plummeted. Ducey suggests this is because a lot of people missed the interaction of the live broadcast. He also said some people are not comfortable bidding online, but would rather do it over the phone – as they had for years.  

This year the club is trying to make up for lost donations by bringing back the option to call in, and will once again televise the auction live on Rogers TV.  

“We are in a situation where we’re trying to make up for funds that were not able to be raised in the past couple of years,” said Ducey.  
“It’s been a difficult time for the club in terms of running the fundraiser.”  

During the broadcast, commentators will highlight items up for auction and donors will be able to call into 393-0784 to place bids, as well as doing so online through the Kiwanis website.

“We don’t expect it to be a return to years past, but were hoping over the next couple of years to rebuild what’s been lost,” Ducey told the Advertiser.  

Online bidding will begin Friday, Nov. 24.  
The auction will be televised live on Rogers Television, Wednesday, Nov. 29 from 6:30 to 10:30 p.m. All bids will close on Wednesday night.  

“It’s all about trying to make sure that the music festival is not in jeopardy,” said Ducey. “If we don’t have successful fundraising year this year, it is in jeopardy – there’s no question about it.”  

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