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Lewisporte town council looking to identify recreation opportunity for south side

Lewisporte Town Hall
Lewisporte Town Hall

LEWISPORTE, NL — As it stands, the south side of Lewisporte is without any recreation amenities.

The Town Council is looking to change that by determining what they could offer/develop on the south side, but it was noted by Recreation/Tourism Committee chairperson Coun. Calvin Smart that the Town doesn’t have much in the way of land available in that area.

Over the coming months council will look into determining what land opportunities might be an option for the south side and consider what would work in terms of recreation. The hope is to have something in place for the summer of 2018.

• Keeping with Recreation/Tourism, council approved a motion to advertise in the 2018 Atlantic Boating Guide with a half-page ad for $375.

• It was noted that costs have continued to escalate at Woolfrey’s Pond Municipal Park over the past three years in terms of electricity, road maintenance and other park expenses.

A motion was put forward and approved for a three per cent increase on seasonal and camping rates for 2018. Some examples of what that increase will translate into is 60 cents per day for 20 amp service, roughly $40 a year for a seasonal pass and 15 cents a day for a beach pass for an adult.

Committee member Coun. Stephen Hollett noted there hasn’t been an increase in fees at the park over the last three years.

• Council approved a motion to purchase a safe for the Winter Games Lanes Bowling Alley. The cost is approximately $1,300 plus HST. This item was included in the 2017 budget.

• The Kinsmen Happy Tree launch will be held on Tuesday, Dec. 5 beginning at 7:15 p.m. at the Lewisporte Mall. Council approved a motion to donate $100 for this initiative.

Economic Development

• Jim Keating of Nalcor Energy will make a presentation on oil and gas resource related potential for the province during a public session to be held at the Town Hall in Lewisporte on Monday, Nov. 27 at 7 p.m. Keating will be meeting with council prior to the public session to discuss related topics.

Economic Development Committee chairperson Coun. Perry Pond said council is hoping to get some insight on where Lewisporte fits in with Nalcor plans.


• Council approved a motion to move forward with bringing water and sewer — at a cost of $25,000 materials and $15,000 equipment — to the area between/near Pritchett’s Hardware and the Lewisporte Family Medical Clinic for the new location of Kittiwake Water.

Public Works

• It was noted that infrastructure/paving work was completed on Lockmoor St. The remaining sod work will be completed in the spring.

• The traffic speed radar sign on the south side will be removed soon so it is not damaged over the winter months.

Council will look into a mobile radar traffic speed sign to utilize in various areas of town in the future.

• Public Works Committee chair Hollett presented a motion to council that came about as a result of loitering/littering concerns from the property owner at 2 Veterans Dr.

Council decided to purchase and will install a security camera. Council also passed a motion to erect a fence between the town parking lot and 2 Veterans Dr. at a cost of $1,250.

• A motion was approved for the Town to pay a claim in the amount of $862.91 to a property owner on Wildwood St. for damages that resulted from a sewer plug in the main line.

While council assumed responsibility for the damages because it involved the main line, it was noted that the plug was the result of sanitary products having been flushed into the line. It was noted this is the second time in a short while that inappropriate items have caused plugs to the municipal sewer system. People are reminded to refrain from flushing items that could cause a plug in the system.

• While council is looking at including the painting of the water town in the 2018 budget, it was noted that a proper base needs to be put in place in order to accommodate the manlift that would be used in this process.

Council approved a motion to prepare the site with aggregate and a concrete pad at a cost of $1,640.

• Council approved a motion to accept a bid from A & B Construction for the aggregates and equipment tender.

Protective Services

Protective Services Committee chairperson Coun. Ken Tucker noted that a meeting to discuss a regional fire department was held on Nov. 14. Representatives from seven communities took part, with all on board with moving forward with a regional department.

The next meeting is slated for Nov. 28. At that time the executive for the regional fire department board will be decided.

“Once that is completed we will have a better idea of the direction we are following,” Tucker said.


Council approved a motion to approve a cheque register totalling $68,313.58.


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