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Loyola Hearn backs Ches Crosbie in PC race

Ches Crosbie
Ches Crosbie - Submitted

Former federal cabinet member Loyola Hearn has stated his support for Ches Crosbie for the leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Crosbie continues to add to his list of a public endorsements. His only opponent in the race, Tony Wakeham, is not without his own supporters, but Hearn is a well-known name.

“I am endorsing Ches Crosbie to be the next leader of our Progressive Conservative Party because I believe he has the vision, knowledge, experience and energy required to rebuild our economy and restore confidence in our democratic institutions,” Hearn is quoted as saying in the statement.

“Further, I am confident that Ches Crosbie will be able to lead a revitalized and unified PC Party, with a selection of strong candidates and fresh policies, which will defeat our present Liberal government in 2019.”

Hearn served in the House of Assembly from 1982-93, including time as a provincial cabinet minister. He was elected to Parliament in 2000, serving into 2008, including time as part of the federal cabinet in his last two years. In 2010, he became Canada’s ambassador to Ireland, finishing in that position in 2014.

The deadline for nomination forms for additional candidates is Jan. 15. The final date for any would-be voters to sign up with the Progressive Conservatives is Jan. 28.

The party is scheduled to name its new leader on April 28.


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