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MV Veteran back on Fogo Island-Change Islands-Farewell run after port thruster repairs

The MV Veteran is out of service again and will be replaced on the Fogo Island-Change Islands-Farewell run.
The MV Veteran docked in St. John's. - File image

FOGO ISLAND, NL – The MV Veteran is finally back into service on the Fogo Island-Change Islands-Farewell run after a four-month absence.

The Department of Transportation and Works announced the vessel’s return in a news release on Monday, Feb. 19.

According to the department, the MV Legionnaire, which was filling in for the Veteran on the route, will now have regular maintenance and repairs to its bow ramp.

Once that work is done, the Legionnaire will join the MV Flanders on the Bell Island ferry run. The MV Beaumont Hamel had been placed on the Bell Island run with the Flanders in the interim.

The Veteran was taken out of service in October due to an issue with its port thruster. The vessel was expected back in operation by January, but a delay in the shipment of replacement parts from Rolls Royce, the manufacturer, resulted in a setback.

It was the second time there was a problem with the same thruster on the ferry.

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