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Noia appoints Charlene Johnson as new CEO

['MHA for Trinity-Bay de Verde Charlene Johnson has been named Minister of Finance for the province.']
Charlene Johnson

The Newfoundland and Labrador Oil & Gas Industries Association (Noia), has appointed former provincial cabinet minister Charlene Johnson as its new chief executive officer (CEO).

“With a promising future ahead for the industry, Charlene will guide Noia through the next exciting phase of exploration and development. Her strategic thinking, proven leadership skills and ability to build collaborative partnerships will make her an excellent ambassador for our members,” said Andrew Bell, Noia board chairman.

Noia said in a news release that Johnson’s skills gleaned from her time in government are critical to speaking on behalf of Noia’s core membership – the supply and service sector – as well as working with all parties – including operators, the regulator, trade associations, educational institutions and government bodies – to advance timely development of the industry.

“While these have been challenging times in the oil and gas industry, the prospects for our offshore look very bright and with greater collaboration with industry stakeholders, opportunities abound,” Johnson said in the release. “

“Not only is Charlene a demonstrated leader, but her experience as a cabinet minister, participating in cabinet discussions and on numerous cabinet committees, along with her roles as minister of Environment and parliamentary secretary to the minister of Natural Resources, enabled her to gain significant knowledge of the oil and gas industry, including legislation and policy, as well as the environmental assessment process,” Bell said.

Johnson will assume her duties Jan. 9.




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