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Noia says oil and gas industry development a federal byelection issue

The topsides modules for the Hebron production platform. They will sit on top of the concrete gravity base structure (GBS).
The topsides modules for the Hebron production platform. - Graphic courtesy ExxonMobil

The Newfoundland and Labrador Oil and Gas Industries Association is wading into the upcoming federal byelection in this province.

Noia issued a news release Thursday morning urging candidates vying for the seat in Bonavista-Burin-Trinity to understand the importance of the province’s oil and gas sector to the province’s economic future while also asking voters to get a handle on where the candidates stand before the Dec. 11 election.

Chair Andrew Bell says the industry has been a significant contributor since the 1990s and recent activity — like the lengthy Hebron platform construction and work at the Kiewit Cow Head Fabrication Facility in Maryston —has added to that contribution.

“People from all over the province were employed at these sites, occupying nearly every available rental property and boosting local businesses,” Bell stated in the Noia release.

“However, with the completion of Hebron, recent layoffs at the Come by Chance Refinery and uncertainty in the fishing industry; timely development of the offshore industry is critical now more than ever to the economic future of the area.”

Once again, Noia also raised the issue of the federal government’s proposed changes to the environmental assessment process.  Bell stated that the future of the industry and the region is at stake.

“Oil and gas development is crucial to the survival of the area. And unless we see Federal Government support, we are very concerned that the Husky wellhead platform living quarters will be the last offshore module constructed there.

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