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Oil sheen detected from the site of sunken Manolis L.

['<p>The <em>Manolis L. </em>as it sunk off the coast of Change Islands in 1985.</p>']
['<p>The <em>Manolis L. </em>as it sunk off the coast of Change Islands in 1985.</p>']

Survey of the area scheduled for Wednesday

As part of the Canadian Coast Guard’s (coast guard) regular maintenance program for the Manolis L. (the vessel that sunk off of Change Islands in January of 1985), on-going surveillance of the site recently detected some light unrecoverable oil sheens in the area.

Coast guard indicates that while the sheens have been small (between 0.2 – 1.7 litres), unrecoverable amounts, they will be conducting a remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV) hull survey of the vessel this week. The survey is scheduled for Wednesday (Nov. 29), weather permitting.

When the vessel sunk in 1985 it went down with about 500 tonnes of fuel onboard. Efforts such as repairs to the vessel and a cofferdam have been utilized to try and/contain collect any seepage while citizen’s groups have called for the oil to be removed from the vessel.

Canadian Coast Guard Environmental Response has not received any reports of oiled seabirds in the Fogo Island area. Coast Guard encourages the public to contact the environmental emergencies line at 772-2083 or 1-800-563-9089 to report any sightings of pollution in the marine environment.

It was noted in information provided by coast guard, “Protection of the marine environment and the safety of those at sea are among the Canadian Coast Guard’s top priorities.”

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