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Springdale’s new mayor all about the team

Submitted photo
Springdale Mayor Dave Edison during the swearing-in ceremony Oct. 2.
Submitted photo Springdale Mayor Dave Edison during the swearing-in ceremony Oct. 2.

Dave Edison ready to lead new council

SPRINGDALE, NL — Like he’s lived his life, Dave Edison plans to bring a team approach to the mayoral seat in Springdale.


An athlete and coach, Edison says he realizes the importance of a team approach to sports. It’s no different in life – nobody can do it alone, and he won’t try to run Springdale that way as its new mayor, he says.

In his fourth consecutive term on council, Edison admits he never aspired to assume the mayor’s seat for the town to which he has already dedicated so much of his life. However, the businessman believes he is ready to lead that newly elected team over the next four years.

“It’s a nervous excitement for me,” Edison said. “With the experience, the growing and learning and understanding, I have a sincere interest in this town and a love for Springdale.
I want it to continue to grow – wanting it to get better, wanting to make it a choice destination is important.”

Edison was first elected to council in 2005. He served the next eight years as a councillor. He was deputy mayor over the last four years, and after receiving the most votes in the municipal election Sept. 26, accepted the nomination of mayor Oct. 2. Shawn Weir, who received the second most votes, will be the town’s deputy mayor.

Serving on council with outgoing mayor Harvey Tizzard — who retired from politics and did not seek re-election — allowed him to learn the protocols of running a meeting and dealing with the various issues a council member encounters, Edison said.

He is looking forward to the challenge.

“The town is in a very good financial position,” he said. “With that, and a new team coming in, it is not about me being mayor … I am excited about leading a new team into the future.”

Setting priorities
While the town is working on such important files as a new marina project, its vast infrastructure requirements, and continuing to lobby the provincial government to keep its commitment of a new hospital in the town, Edison says it is just as important for a new council to set its own priorities and objectives for the next four years.

He doesn’t anticipate any of those major priorities changing, but he would like to see a renewed focus on cleanliness throughout the town, and maintaining and expanding recreational facilities and offerings. He said Springdale has been growing in recent years, including a number of new businesses, and it is important to remain attractive for young families and professionals.

“It is only one position of seven – I don’t plan to be a dictator at all,” he said. “We have committees in place, and I will certainly sit on all those committees and play a part. But, I will not dictate. I want everybody to have a voice and everybody’s opinion will count.”

Edison also believes Springdale has an exemplary staff to help implement the decisions council makes for the town.

He expects the current council to be open and accountable, and hopes to keep the citizens aware of what is happening in the town.


Committee Appointments

Finance committee:
Coun. Rhodes Pelley (chair)
Coun. Peter Andrews
Coun. Joe Tompkins


Recreation Committee:
Coun. Andrews (chair)
Coun. Janet Harris
Coun. Pelley


Public Works Committee
Deputy Mayor Weir (chair)
Coun. Brenda Dicks
Coun. Tompkins


Promotion and Economiinc Development
Coun. Dicks (chair)
Deputy Mayor Weir
Coun. Harris

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