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Statistics Canada surveying Canadians on cannabis use in 2018

St. Anthony Mayor Desmond McDonald is suggesting Newfoundland and Labrador's marijuana production facility should be located in a rural area. - File photo
Statistics Canada has announced it will conduct the National Cannabis Survey in 2018. - File image

OTTAWA – Statistics Canada is looking to better understand cannabis use in the country.

The government agency will be conducting the National Cannabis Survey this year as part of a larger initiative that is underway to track the impact of the legalization of non-medical cannabis.

According to a news release from the agency, a sample of 12,000 households will be invited to complete a confidential 21-question online survey each quarter during the year.

Questions will include frequency of use, amount and types of product consumed, prices paid, and changes in behaviour or consumption patterns.

The survey results will be released five to six weeks after each collection period ends.

The agency says the National Cannabis Survey is different from its recently-launched crowdsourcing platform, which collects information online on previous cannabis transactions.

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