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Oil to be removed from Manolis L shipwreck this summer

['<p>The <em>Manolis L. </em>as it sunk off the coast of Change Islands in 1985.</p>']
The Manolis L. as it sunk off the coast of Change Islands in 1985.

GANDER, NL – The Canadian Coast Guard will be seeking proposals from marine salvage companies for bulk oil removal from the Manolis L. in the coming months.

Coast of Bays–Central–Notre Dame MP Scott Simms made the announcement today, Jan. 17, in Gander, on behalf of the federal government.

The Manolis L. sank in January 1985 near Change Islands in Notre Dame Bay.

The ship lies upside down in 70 meters of water. Some oil was observed at the time of the vessel sank. It could not be recovered at the time, however.

There were no other reports of pollution until 2013. The Canadian Coast Guard Environmental Response team has regularly been on scene since to ensure public and environmental safety is maintained.

A technical assessment in 2016 determined that there is still 115-150 cubic metres of oil in the wreck. The vessel was also carrying about 60 cubic metres of diesel fuel when it sank.

A news release from Fisheries and Oceans Canada stated it is anticipated a contract to remove the oil would be awarded this spring with the work to take place in the summer.

“The Manolis L wreck poses a pollution risk to an environmentally sensitive area and the local economy that relies heavily on fishing and tourism,” Fisheries and Ocean Minister Dominic LeBlanc said.

“Today marks another positive step towards our government’s commitment to addressing the many problem vessels found throughout our waterways and oceans.”

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