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Bay Arena in Bay Roberts to open Wednesday

Skating enthusiasts rejoice. For the Bay Arena in Bay Roberts is making ice again and anticipates being up and running by Wednesday.

The ice surface at the Bay Arena in Bay Roberts is close to finished as officials anticipate a Wednesday re-opening for the rink.

That means programs like the Conception Bay North Skating Club, Bay Arena minor hockey and others can get back to their regular schedule instead of picking up hours where they could at rinks in other centres.

Over the weekend, officials with the Bay Arena were hopeful that the stadium would be ready to go as early as Friday, Feb. 5.

That was Saturday and the replacement electrical panel for the refrigeration plant had just arrived. Workers with Cahill and Cimco were beginning the arduous task of installing it and ensuring everything was a go for making ice.

A day later and with the apparent success of the installation, the Bay Arena announced via its various social media platforms that it would be re-opening later this week. Not wasting any time, the various programs that run out of the stadium announced they'll be back full swing once the doors open.

The news comes six weeks after the stadium closed due to an electrical fire in the plant. The original estimates had the rink back in business by mid-February.

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