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Big plans for Arnold’s Cove in 2016

A yearlong commemoration including a festival, portraits in the street, reunions and an effort to collect and share stories were among the events discussed at a meeting in Arnold’s Cove tonight.

Marilyn Butland explains some of the ideas Butland Communications has in mind for the Arnold’s Cove 50th resettlement anniversary planned for 2016.

Marilyn Butland, a consultant with Butland Communications, gave a detailed presentation to Arnold’s Cove residents on some of the possible ideas, attractions and commercial opportunities in store for the town’s 50th anniversary of resettlement.

The presentation came following a government grant, six months of work and eight to 10 meetings between Butland Communications and members of the town.

Arnold’s Cove Mayor Basil Daley says he is very pleased with the work and it is great to have the planning laid out.

“We want to do Resettlement 2016 to promote Arnold’s Cove as the center of resettlement, something like Elliston has done with the Sealer’s Memorial,” Daley told The Packet.

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