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Clarenville RCMP arrest two motorists for impaired driving

RCMP are searching for a man armed with a knife who broke into house in Marystown Friday night.

CLARENVILLE, N.L. – The Clarenville RCMP arrested two individuals for allegedly driving impaired on Wednesday, Aug. 8.

Charges are pending against the drivers, according to a RCMP release.

Police were tipped off by members of the public.

“If we hear that someone appears to be driving impaired, we can respond and take them off the road before something bad happens,” said Staff Sgt. Larry Turner, commander of the Clarenville RCMP detachment.

“If you are ever on the fence about whether you should report someone, the answer is always yes.”

The RCMP notes signs of impaired driving vary but may include swerving, strange or erratic movements, quick changes in speed, speeding or driving too slow, and drivers who look like they are falling asleep.

If you are able, providing such information as a description of the vehicle and driver, a licence plate number, and the direction the vehicle is travelling would be helpful to police.

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