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CNA campuses not in danger of closing, AES minister says

Advanced Education and Skills Minister Gerry Byrne, supporting Bonavista MHA Neil King’s claims, contacted The Packet Thursday to clarify there is no intention to close CNA campuses.

AES Minister Gerry Byrne.

The comment comes on the heels of a group of concerned citizens in Bonavista announcing they will hold a rally to fight for the CNA campus this Saturday.

He said there was concern about the Bonavista campus expressed by Mayor Betty Fitzgerald in a meeting with the department two weeks ago. It has been an issue on local people’s minds for some time. However, Byrne says there is no indication there will be closures.

He says he’s heard rumours and accusations from the Opposition Conservatives, but nothing that is based on fact.

“People are not dealing with fact. Their concerns are being heightened unnecessarily,” said Byrne.

“Is there a review of campuses to have a look at the CNA footprint to see where we can maximize our programming and make sure students are afforded opportunities to get a post-secondary education where they want to get it?  Absolutely there is. That’s something I’m about to embark on,” Byrne said.

He blames the previous administration for drastically cutting the CNA budget to begin with, forcing the college to look at ways to change up programming.

But he says this does not necessarily mean there will be cuts. In fact, he says this whole endeavour could possibly be a way to “revitalize campuses such as Bonavista.”

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