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Dozens of new charges added to men allegedly involved in Cormack Drive, Clarenville incident

RCMP - Lynn Curwin

Charges include assault, break and enter, and threats

CLARENVILLE, NL—At provincial court in Clarenville March 1, Colby Justin Marsh, 24, and Christopher Wade Sutton, 31, learned they would be facing dozens of new charges sworn Feb. 21.

The joint charges against both men now total 62.

Both men had previously faced joint charges of allegedly possessing a weapon — an alleged 40. Cal Smith and Wesson handgun which neither men had a license for — for a dangerous purpose, tampering with firearm serial numbers, breach of firearm regulations, and possessing a weapon with ammunition, as well as several charges of possession of stolen property.

All charges relate to an alleged incident that occurred in Clarenville on Jan. 28 of 2018.

Sutton is also facing an apparently unrelated assault charge from Jan. 6, while Marsh is also charged with stealing and using a credit card in December 2017, and stealing beer from Clarenville Esso on Jan. 27, 2018.

Both men are now facing additional charges of breaking and entering, uttering threats, extortion, multiple counts of disobeying court orders and failure to comply with probation orders and being in a residence unlawfully.

Sutton also faces charges of aggravated assault, pointing a firearm, and criminal negligence causing bodily harm.

Sutton, who appeared by video from Her Majesty’s Penitentiary (HMP), expressed shock when Judge Paul Noble told him of the number of charges laid against him, and said he was unaware that any new charges had been laid.

Allegedly, Sutton is charged with threatening another a man and pointing a handgun at him.

He is also charged with threatening co-accused Marsh, pointing a handgun at him, aggravated assault against Marsh, and criminal negligence for failing to call medical services after Marsh allegedly suffered an apparent drug overdose.

Marsh, who also appeared by video from HMP, told the court that he was aware that some new charges had been laid against him, but thought they were all breach of condition charges.

He said he also heard that Sutton was charged with aggravated assault against him, and said that that charge didn’t make sense, at which point Judge Noble told him he would have to speak to his lawyer about that matter.

Both men had been ordered by the court not to have contact with one another, and their non-compliance with this order this resulted in several of the breach charges.

Both men were apprehended on the early morning of Jan. 28 after police were called to a residence on Cormack Drive in Clarenville. They have been in police custody since.

Sutton’s matter will be called again March 13.

Marsh had been scheduled for a speedy disposition for some of the original charges, including the credit card theft, being unlawfully at large, and probation breaches, for March 15.

Both men will face a three-day trial scheduled for June 11-13.

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